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Three Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2015

Online businesses achieve commercial success in leaps and bounds for a reason in this era. Since information is literally available at our fingertips through smart devices and cloud technology, consumers are way more informed and practice caution when it comes to making purchases. So, it stands to reason that today’s marketing tactics must be tweaked accordingly as well. The following are some of the biggest trends in 2015 that have taken online marketing by storm.

  1. Valuable Content is More Important than Ever!

One of the main channels businesses are harnessing to establish authority in their industry and gain customer trust is by creating and publishing relevant content. This typically includes specific industry based information that can not only entertain target readers, but provide them insightful information regarding a brand along with its services/products. Not only does this help a business build a rapport with its demographic, but it also increases credibility both online and off. Typically, social media, blogging websites such as WordPress, videos and articles are used for such endeavours.

  1. Diversity in Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media has literally connected the world via multiple social platforms and the trend just keeps getting bigger with time. Besides offering online businesses a plethora of advertising options, it allows them to utilise multitudes of media forms and access new audiences through more channels than ever before! As a result, social media has become a staple marketing trend in the current business landscape. Now most businesses prefer to branch out and experiment with a number of networks, which in turn allows them to target specific demographics and thus create more focused business strategies.

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Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Web Page Load Times

Fast loading websites hook users. On the other hand, slow websites repel visitors. Hence, to grab your web page visitors, reducing web page loading time is a must! Moreover, minimalist web design techniques that allow websites that load quickly are also ranked better on the search engines.

Here are 5 ways you can lessen web page loading time:

  1. Existing Website Speed Analysis

To decrease your web page loading time the first prior step is to check the current time taken by your web page to load. After you find out the loading time of your website, you will be able to estimate the improvement is required. You will also know whether the tricks applied are working to lessen your web page loading time.

Three free tools that can be used to analyse web page loading time are-Pingdom, Web Page Test and Page Speed.

  1. Optimize Your Images

It is essential to identify when you need to format your images and which file is ideal for the image formatting process. Certain file formats reduce the image size radically so being aware and knowing the details is necessary.

Three options most popularly used are JPEG, GIF and PNG.

  • JPEG is to be selected for those images which contain lots of colours and elaborate detailing such as in case of photographs.
  • GIF is best suited for the images that consist of a few colours such as logos.
  • PNG is the right alternative when you require transparent images with high quality.

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Where’s Your Office Now?

These days luxury yachts are not just about having a great lifestyle of relaxation and pleasure. You’ll see many such yachts are also equipped with an office. That is so the owners can sit in comfort and entertain their guests, while still keeping an eye on their investments and other business dealings when necessary.

Nomad, a luxury yacht designed by Sam Sorgiovanni and built by Australian ship builder Oceanfast is one of the most luxurious yachts you could hope to see and has many wonderful amenities; she also has an office. So the owners can take off for overseas locations at any time without losing track of what’s happening with their business. They can have fun and enjoy their friends in such beautiful surroundings without losing sleep worrying about what’s happening at their business.

Modern up-market homes could also be designed to not only cater to the lifestyle many people enjoy, but to enable much of the hard work that goes into providing that lifestyle to be done at home. With today’s technology there are many work-related things that could be done at home if the home was set up properly with all that is needed to contact the downtown office and run a business.

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Australian Man Files 50 Lawsuits, Prohibited from Filing More

The average person might only file a handful of lawsuits and require criminal lawyers in their lifetime. Many will never file a single one. Over a period of 10 years, an Australian man filed an astounding 50 lawsuits. The result is that he is now somewhat prohibited from filing any more. The man’s name is Mr  Rahman, a science teacher who is a resident in Sydney. Justice Michael Adams made the ruling, stating that the man had been using using the legal system to “harass” and “annoy” people, among other things. He is only the 12th person to be put on the register for vexatious litigation.

While Mr Rahman is still allowed to start a litigation proceeding, he must get permission from the courts first. And since he has proven himself to be such a nuisance in their eyes, that is not expected to be forthcoming. Some of his offences include attempting to re-litigate matters where a decision had already been made. In addition to that, he also sued his very own legal representatives. The result of that lawsuit was that Mr Rahman was ordered to pay them more than he had already owed.

Rahman has spent more than $500,000 in the process of filing all of these lawsuits. He is also said to be in danger of losing two houses that he owns. However, even after being placed on Sydney’s vexatious litigant register, he is still not giving up his fight. He claims that the ruling is a “crime against humanity”, and that he will go to the International Criminal Court if necessary.

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Death Caused by Dementia in the Elderly and Testamentary Capacity in Creating Wills

With the number of elderly citizens increasing in Australia, more people are dying as a result dementia, as well as other similar disorders. Since people are continuing to live longer on average, they are also able to build up greater amounts of wealth. This can often lead to some difficult litigation, by people claiming that wills were made by those without the capacity to make proper decisions.

The appropriate court is the only entity with the jurisdiction required to decide on these matters. They will generally use a specific test, which includes the following requirements:

  • The person making the will needs to understand the legal significance related to creating the will.
  • They must be at least generally aware of the extent, nature, and value of their assets.
  • They must understand who might be able to claim their accumulated wealth, as well as why and how such people can make claims.
  • They must be able to decide the validity of people who make claims for the aforementioned wealth. No “disorder of the mind” should be able to skew their decisions.

In these types of circumstances, it is sometimes too easy for disgruntled beneficiaries to appear, and start litigation to overturn a will. Without proof as to the mental well-being of the deceased, these cases can be particularly trying. Even if your will is upheld in the end, the legal costs might have taken a toll on your intended beneficiaries.

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Leaving a Charitable Gift in Your Will

People often think about those who are closest to them, when making a will. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, many Australians are starting to leave money to charities in their wills. When doing so, it is essential that legal requirements are all fulfilled, to ensure that the gift is going to actually get to your charity of choice. Simply writing down the name of a charity that you remember is not a good idea. There are more things to consider.

Things to Consider

When naming a charity in your will, it is important to consider the following:

  • The charity’s name must be included, or the name of the association.
  • You must indicate if it is actually a charity, or some other body.
  • Your charitable bequest needs to be made in the form preferred by the charity, if there is one.
  • You must find out whether you need to account for any taxes or estate regulations that might be imposed upon your gift.

Double Check the Terms of Your Bequest

It is important to ensure that your gift will actually go to the charity that you have chosen. For starters, be sure that you have the name of the charity absolutely correct. There are a lot of different charities, and you cannot simply use a general term, or assume that you have the name right. While you might have given to the charity some time ago, it might not exist any more. If the charity does not exist any more, you can choose to have the executor of your will give the gift to a similar organisation. This is a good option for people who want their bequest to go to a deserving charity, no matter what.

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Steps To Set Up Your New Business

So, are you thinking of setting up your own business in the market? Have you planned out all the details and are ready to make an impact by making your entrepreneurial debut in the field of your choice?

No matter which segment of the industry you plan to enter, there are some very important steps you need to follow if you want your business enterprise to be legal and not have to face any problems in the future.

So, what are these critical steps you need to follow on all accounts in order to setup a successful business in the land of opportunity, Australia? Here they are detailed below. Make sure you don’t miss out on any one of them.

Choose a Suitable Business Structure for Your Enterprise

The structure of a company is of great importance as it plays a significant role in the growth and survival of the company in the industry. Not every business plan or structure suits every kind of company. You need to investigate all options very carefully before you make a decision.

Each type of structure has some advantages and disadvantages linked to it, and certain industries require a certain kind of company structure. The structure of your company also depends on the number of owners and type of organization being set up.

Choose from amongst a partnership enterprise, a company, a sole trader and a trust.

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Listing Your Business Online

Yellow Pages are no longer the primary directory for businesses. In fact, in only five years, Yellow Pages have declined by more than 50% in use. More people today prefer using an online business directory when they are looking up for businesses. If your business is based in Australia and has yet to be listed on online directories, here are the top 10 places your business needs to have an online presence on!

  1. Google

We’ll start off with the most obvious inclusion since more than 6 billion searches are carried out on Google. Getting a business listing on Google is free, and with a great online marketing strategy, there is no telling how great Google can be for your business. Google works cohesively with other Google products to help you dominate your geographic market.

  1. Bing

Bing is a search engine by Microsoft that lets you add multiple locations for your business easily. You can upload photos, videos, and other business content on Bing listings and can also increase geospatial marketing prospects. It’s the second most active search engine so there is reason why you should list your business on Bing.

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What You Will Need to Start Up Your Entrepreneurial Project

An entrepreneur seeking to make it big in the industry needs to know that there are some things that he needs to keep in mind before he makes an entry into the industry. There is a lot to see, do and organize, before you can actually think of taking a step forward and setting up your own company in the competitive Australian market.

As a young, energetic and ambitious entrepreneur, there are some important things you need to keep in mind before you start your own venture. Following is a list of some important things you will need and have to do, to have a successful entrepreneurial start-up.

A Concrete and Thorough Business Plan

The first thing that you will need is a thorough business plan which has all the details of how you aim to run the company operations, secure the finances and  design a plan for future growth. Remember, a well constructed business plan is the first step in the long line of processes which are necessary for a successful business enterprise. Without a good business plan, you can say goodbye to all your dreams of setting up a new venture, and getting any investment from financial experts or institutions. Writing a good business plan.

Training and Help

Once you have crossed the first milestone with flying colours, it is now time to understand how difficult it can be to survive in the real and highly competitive industry. While a detailed business plan is an essential requirement for success, the most difficult and crucially significant part is the execution of the plan.

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