Where’s Your Office Now?

These days luxury yachts are not just about having a great lifestyle of relaxation and pleasure. You’ll see many such yachts are also equipped with an office. That is so the owners can sit in comfort and entertain their guests, while still keeping an eye on their investments and other business dealings when necessary.

Nomad, a luxury yacht designed by Sam Sorgiovanni and built by Australian ship builder Oceanfast is one of the most luxurious yachts you could hope to see and has many wonderful amenities; she also has an office. So the owners can take off for overseas locations at any time without losing track of what’s happening with their business. They can have fun and enjoy their friends in such beautiful surroundings without losing sleep worrying about what’s happening at their business.

Modern up-market homes could also be designed to not only cater to the lifestyle many people enjoy, but to enable much of the hard work that goes into providing that lifestyle to be done at home. With today’s technology there are many work-related things that could be done at home if the home was set up properly with all that is needed to contact the downtown office and run a business.

The office could have conference call abilities so communication need not be just by voice, but everyone would be able to see each other’s faces, an essential part of reading a person’s character that many people do without even realising. When you can see a person and what expression they have on their face, you can usually tell when they are angry, happy, lying or telling the truth and many other things about them.

In fact, when working at home, even if it is on the other side of the city to your business premises, it is just as quick and easy to contact other board members or whoever you want in the business by an email, text message, voice mail, Skype and many more ways. That is, if you have the technology set up ready to go.

Even just spending a couple of days a week working from your home office can reduce your stress levels and cut the costs of travelling.  Mothers who stay at home to look after their children could work from home in many different types of jobs. If they have a dedicated office, they can get a percentage of the cost of their phone and electricity off their tax.

With a proper office in the home, you can also find it easier to achieve a good life balance by walking out at the end of the day and shutting the door – and know that your important office documents will be safe from little fingers. Read more about Sam Sorgiovanni