Sam Sorgiovanni

Those who love boats and particularly superyachts will certainly have come across the name Sam Sorgiovanni, well-known in the yachting world as the designer of many famous yachts. Whether it is for the externals or the interior, his signature is excellence in design. He believes in looking to the future as far as materials and technology go, while keeping an eye on the past to learn from mistakes that were made by designers of yesteryear.

Sorgiovanni loved boats right from the start when he studied at university, gaining his BA in Industrial Design. He then went on to work for the Australian ship builder, Oceanfast, gaining valuable world-wide experience over the 12 years he was with them. In 1997 he left to start his own business, setting up Sorgiovanni Design Studios in Fremantle, WA.

From there he keeps busy designing mega yachts for many clients and consulting with other shipbuilders as well, work that sees him travelling to many different countries. Sorgiovanni’s ability to think outside the box while ensuring his designs are still practical is what has made his name rise to the top in the industry. His demand for excellence in every part of his design forms a solid basis that gives clients trust in his ability to present them with the ship of their dreams.

Sam Sorgiovanni | Sorgiovanni Designs


Sorgiovanni is eminently capable of meeting each and every design or implementation challenge he comes across, ensuring his yachts are a work of art in every part, both inside and out. But he points to his clients as playing a large part in the inspiration for his designs, because it is their dreams he brings into reality. He also believes being an Australian gives him the edge in yacht design because Australia is completely surrounded by water and thus boats and ships of all kinds. Growing up in such a country means coming into contact with everything to do with ships, especially when living on the coast.

In  2014, Sorgiovanni was inducted into the Australian Superyacht Industry Hall of Fame for his work in and contribution to the industry, having won many awards over the years, and he continues to represent this industry wherever he goes. He never hesitates to request Australian made products for his designs while ensuring each and every product is of the absolute best design and quality possible.

The kind of yachts he designs are meant to enhance the lifestyles of those who purchase them, allowing them to enjoy leisure time with their family and friends in an environment that is famed for its ability to offer fun and relaxation; namely, the safe waters of at attractive harbour. Resort style yachts have everything needed to ensure those on board have a great time.