7 Ways To Keep Your Social Media Followers Engaged

There are lots of social media sites with each having different formats, visuals, and means of communicating with followers. To explain how to keep your social media followers engaged on each individual site would be impossible, but here are 7 ways that should cover most of them, especially the most popular ones.

#1 Post Regularly With News and Comments

Failing to do this means your followers will think you are disinterested in them, and they will soon go elsewhere. An active social media presence with updates appearing regularly will have followers checking your pages or profile every time they log in. More importantly it will encourage them to share your posts which can increase your follower numbers significantly.

#2 Mix It Up

On sites which enable you to use content other than text, take advantage of this. Posting videos, graphics, memes and audio are great ways to keep your followers interested in your posts and keen to share them with their friends.

#3 Answer Questions Quickly

This is a very good way of letting your followers see you are active and more importantly interested in helping them. Often a question will be answered by you which could turn a potential customer into an actual one.

#4 Keep Your Pages Visually Appealing

Just as you wouldn’t want a shabby shop front, or a dull looking website, you don’t want your fan pages or profiles to lack colour or vitality. You want the first impression to be a good one when someone lands on your page for the first time, so if you’re not good at graphics pay someone to design your pages professionally as it will be worth it.

#5 Change Your Theme From Time To Time

Following on from #4 once you have had a page design up for a while don’t be afraid tweak it a little to give it a fresh look. People become bored looking at the same design every time so why not dress your page up occasionally for Christmas, Halloween or other special events.

#6 Make Special Offers To Your Followers

You’ll should already know that you never use your social media purely to send out sales pitch after sales pitch. This is the quickest way to lose followers. However, they will absolutely love it if you give them a special deal or offer every now and again. The important thing here is to encourage them to share them with their own friends and followers. If you get lucky one of them might go viral and you’ll receive a ton of new followers and better still new customers.

#7 Survey Your Followers

Everyone loves being asked for their opinion and your followers are no different. Asking them to complete a survey or even a simple poll is a great way to interact, plus it will give you valuable insights into what your followers love, like or hate. You can then collate this information to determine what sort of product or services they would likely give a positive response to if you were to offer them.