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5 Fundamentals Of Web Design For Small And Local Business Websites

Websites are by web designers created for businesses of all types and of all sizes. From the global giants that are household names across the world to the local dog groomer who makes the dogs in a small town of fewer than five thousand inhabitants look their best, there is a web design that suits them all.

Websites for large corporations often have no other purpose than to provide company information and to promote brand awareness of the business. Websites of smaller businesses will also include information, but many are also designed to either generate local sales or leads that the business can follow up with.

These points signify that there are specific web design features that are more suitable to some websites than others based upon the size and the needs of the business. Given that the majority of people reading this are more likely to own or manage a small or local business than they are to be a CEO of a multinational giant, we thought it best if we focus on websites for small, local businesses.

There will be many ways in which a local businesses website can be enhanced, however, there are five fundamental criteria that they must follow. This is because the visitors to their website will have different objectives than if those same visitors were to visit the website of a global company like Dell or Audi. Read on, and we will outline what those five fundamental criteria are.

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