5 Signals Indicating Your Office Couches Need Professional Cleaning

Clear, clean windows are crucial for shops displaying goods and attracting customers. Regular window cleaning is a worthwhile investment, enticing window shoppers to enter and buy. Similarly, a stained or smelly couch for client meetings can instantly deter potential new clients.

However, if you do not have a regular couch cleaning agreement with professional upholstery cleaners, then it begs the question, at which point do you determine that your office furniture does need attention? If you do it randomly, the risk is that one or more chairs and couches get stained without you knowing about it, and horror of horrors, a client sees that stain and immediately forms a negative opinion of your business.

Far better than this scenario is to have a checklist that assists you in determining what triggers the need for you to call professional couch cleaners to take care of your upholstered furniture. As for what you have on that checklist, the best option is signs or signals, and when they occur, that tells you it is time to make that call. Here are what we consider the top five of those signals.

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