Online Marketing Trends

Three Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2015

Online businesses achieve commercial success in leaps and bounds for a reason in this era. Since information is literally available at our fingertips through smart devices and cloud technology, consumers are way more informed and practice caution when it comes to making purchases. So, it stands to reason that today’s marketing tactics must be tweaked accordingly as well. The following are some of the biggest trends in 2015 that have taken online marketing by storm.

  1. Valuable Content is More Important than Ever!

One of the main channels businesses are harnessing to establish authority in their industry and gain customer trust is by creating and publishing relevant content. This typically includes specific industry based information that can not only entertain target readers, but provide them insightful information regarding a brand along with its services/products. Not only does this help a business build a rapport with its demographic, but it also increases credibility both online and off. Typically, social media, blogging websites such as WordPress, videos and articles are used for such endeavours.

  1. Diversity in Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media has literally connected the world via multiple social platforms and the trend just keeps getting bigger with time. Besides offering online businesses a plethora of advertising options, it allows them to utilise multitudes of media forms and access new audiences through more channels than ever before! As a result, social media has become a staple marketing trend in the current business landscape. Now most businesses prefer to branch out and experiment with a number of networks, which in turn allows them to target specific demographics and thus create more focused business strategies.

  1. Mobile Friendly is User Friendly

Since most consumers are dependent on their smart phones when it comes to making purchases or reading reviews, it stands to reason that online content should be tailored accordingly. In fact, according to Forbes, by 2017, 87% of global sales will comprise of smart devices for this very reason. This is why businesses, new and old are bringing their wares to the cloud via responsive web designs and creating mobile friendly versions of their ecommerce websites. If you delay the latter, you can end up losing valuable customers to competitors who do have a mobile version of their website.

Even though 2015 is just a few months to completion, the above mentioned trends will still be quite influential for years to come. The question is, are you willing to take them on and take your business to the next level?