Listing Your Business Online

Yellow Pages are no longer the primary directory for businesses. In fact, in only five years, Yellow Pages have declined by more than 50% in use. More people today prefer using an online business directory when they are looking up for businesses. If your business is based in Australia and has yet to be listed on online directories, here are the top 10 places your business needs to have an online presence on!

  1. Google

We’ll start off with the most obvious inclusion since more than 6 billion searches are carried out on Google. Getting a business listing on Google is free, and with a great online marketing strategy, there is no telling how great Google can be for your business. Google works cohesively with other Google products to help you dominate your geographic market.

  1. Bing

Bing is a search engine by Microsoft that lets you add multiple locations for your business easily. You can upload photos, videos, and other business content on Bing listings and can also increase geospatial marketing prospects. It’s the second most active search engine so there is reason why you should list your business on Bing.

  1. Yahoo

Yahoo is the last search engine on this list and is the third most used online search directory in the world. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t list your business on Yahoo as it integrates seamlessly with other Yahoo products.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is possibly the best place to find quality reviews from people who have used a product or service. Yelp is great for referral and word of mouth marketing and helps you create special deals for customers and view trends in your industry that help you shape effective strategies.

  1. Yellow Pages

Despite the fact that Yellow Pages are not as relevant as they used to be, Yellow Pages on the internet are a completely different proposition. You can easily list your business in local directories and take advantage of lead generation services, online payment options, and advertisement opportunities that Yellow Pages have to provide.

  1. is another free business directory that offers users with detailed information regarding cities and businesses that cater to demographic regions. Searchers can find special deals, promotions, events, and more with what is a great online directory for geospatial advertisement. It has resources that help you list your business the right way and allows you to use various advertisement options on its network.

  1. MerchantCircle

MerchantCircle is a great directory for SMEs that want to target local customers. It offers free promotional tools and helps you localize your offerings for targeted marketing.

  1. Foursquare

Foursquare is essentially a social network that also works as a business directory. It’s great for exposure and allows you to invite new and existing customers to check out your new promotions and leave comments as well.

  1. The Business Journals

The Business Journals is another local listing that offers four different services – free, bronze, silver, and gold. With more than 8 million searches a month and 84% of searchers shopping online, The Business Journals is a great directory to get qualified leads.

  1. Superpages

Superpages is a great online directory that is easy to use and effective for businesses in the automotive sector. All popular categories are listed conveniently on the homepage, making it easier for people to find your business.