Have a Unique Product, Want to Sell Online?

Have a Unique Product, Want to Sell Online? Are Your Prepared?

Congratulations!!! After months of rattling your mind you have decided on a lucrative online business opportunity and have accumulated capital to launch it. However, without a professional digital agency, starting an online business would not be easy as it appears, there are roadblocks before you can achieve a break-even in terms of profit. So, here is a 5-step checklist to guide and steer you toward success.

  1. Did You Actually Get a Feedback on Your Product Before Launching?

If you thought your family and friends found your business idea or product highly useful, think again! Feedback obtained from people who are emotionally close to you would appreciate every business idea that emerges from your mind. Seeking a nod from them is a disaster for your launch. To validate if your product/service is unique and sell-able, you must conduct a market survey. Connect with potential customers on the social networks such as Twitter, What’s App, Pinterest, Google+, and FaceBook to gauge their interest in your product or use customer insight survey tools, such as Client Heartbeat and Qualaroo.

  1. Know Your Competitors and Customers

Research the market competition before you can pitch your uniqueness to your audience.

Use tools like SimilarWeb, Google Alerts, Google Trends, and LinkedIn to gauge what your competitors are offering, how they are delighting their customers, and which are the popular sites in your niche. Use this knowledge to make your product different from your competitors.

Often, entrepreneurs first gauge the market response by launching a prototype of the product/service.  They use the forums, blog sites, and social media channels to encourage potential customers to participate in their survey by offering them free samples or holding a contest.

  1. Create Robust Marketing and Sales Plan

Create a benchmark t earn your first million in sales, you need to analyze the monthly revenue, and the sales you must make each month to achieve the target. Worry not, if you haven’t reached the goal yet, you have the blueprint, that will motivate you to perform better.

To decipher the ideal marketing strategy you must leverage the opportunity of social-media. Use omni-channels to promote your brand and product. Begin with a minimum of two premium networks to realize where your audience is. Some popular social networks to connect and engage your audience are Pinterest, LinkedIn, What’s App, and  FaceBook.

You may also engage in  guest blogging and comment on forums to spread the word around. Doing so, would allow you to build a robust follower base, who may eventually convert into loyal customers.

To gain quality email subscribers, KingSumo app allows you to capture emails through freebies and giveaways, MailChimp has a free option, too. Alternatively, you can invest in Facebook Ads for $1, if you are seeking faster ways to turn around your online business.

  1. Own a Website

A website adds credibility to your venture and builds your business digital footprint. Your website must be smart and user-friendly, therefore; have email captures on each page. But would that not require massive capital? It is possible to sell your products online with lower investment, and here’s how:

  • Use a popular and user-friendly content management system (CMS), such as WordPress- the best part it is free!
  • Register with affordable web hosting service providers such as or Bluehost or GoDaddy for a domain name and hosting service.
  • Customize your CMS with E-Commerce plugins. Build a shopping cart with free plugins from WooCommerce, MarketPress, and WP eCommerce. If you intend to set up a storefront, use Shopify or Squarespace.

Remember, the online business is your baby, the more you invest your skills, time and money, the better returns it will give; sooner or later.


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