Developing Eye-Catching Email Copy

Email marketing is a major part of any large marketing campaign. It lets you connect directly with anyone who is interested in your business, your products, or what you do. Sending an email is a great way to deliver information directly to a lot of people, especially if you are finding that your website’s visitor numbers are dropping.

If done right, a marketing email sent out to your email audience can have extremely positive effects. The first (and arguably, most important) part of a marketing email is the words themselves. You need to develop email copy which is eye-catching, engaging, and which will encourage the reader to choose your email over all the others in their inbox.

Get the subject line right:

The first thing that anyone sees when they open their email inbox is all of their new messages. Each of these messages is accompanied by a subject line which, ultimately, helps them choose whether or not the email is worth reading.

It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you get your subject line right. Even if you have average content within your email, a catchy subject line will still lead to a lot of people reading it. However, if you have a poor subject line, you will find that a lot of people don’t even open your email.

Keep it short, but strong:

People don’t want to spend hours reading an email. Keep your email copy to the absolute necessities. Once you have written a draft, go through and edit out any words which are not absolutely necessary. Doing this will help you create content which people can engage with, and will increase the chances of people reading your emails through to the end.

Make your message scannable:

Taking steps to make your email message scannable will greatly increase your conversion rate. Simple things like bolding keywords, using a lot of headings, and keeping your sentences short and concise will help people decide if they would like to read what you have to offer (or not).

Know who you are writing for:

Understanding who your audience is and what engages them is essential if you are going to be able to write an effective email marketing campaign. There are many ways to analyse key statistics related to your readers, and a quick online search can help you find the easiest. If you know exactly who you are writing for and what they enjoy, you will find it a lot easier to target your content to them and their needs.

Final word:

Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of any business, and need to be well written and easy to read. Developing killer email copy is key to success – without it people won’t even open your emails!