How to Create a More Comfortable Office Environment

If you conduct your business from your home or from a small complex that includes an outdoor area, it’s a great idea to provide alfresco furniture for staff to relax on during their coffee or lunch break. Being outside for just five minutes is so refreshing that they will come back to work full of energy, not to mention much healthier for having been in the fresh air and sunshine.

The idea of creating comfort in the office may seem at odds with that of getting staff to work in a brisk, efficient manner. But if employees are uncomfortable at their desks, they will take a lot more breaks simply to ease the aches and pains they feel.  In addition, it is much harder to focus 100% on any task if you are feeling physically uncomfortable.

Creating a more comfortable office is not difficult and your staff will be much happier and more productive.  Experts tell us that it is not good to sit at a desk for hours at a time. Employees need to get up and walk around a bit and they can do this when they take business calls on their mobile phones.  But they may not always want to walk, especially if space is limited, or if the call is a confidential one.

Instead of walking around – or as well as – provide an easy chair for them to relax in while they are taking calls or even talking to clients.  This will give them a chance to move from the computer chair and sit somewhere else that is different and so uses different muscles. Their position will have changed at least six times, when –

  • they get up
  • they walk to the other chair
  • they sit down in it
  • they rise again
  • go back to their desk
  • and resume sitting

Adding a small table next to the easy chair will enable them to have any needed paperwork at hand as well as that glass of water or cup of coffee.

If the office is used to meet with clients, having two easy chairs and a small table will make the process more comfortable.  Having the chairs set side by side makes people feel that you are more friendly and helpful, rather than being divided from them by a desk rather like they are a student and you the stern head teacher.

Healthy employees mean less time off work sick and when employees see you are thoughtful of their comfort and health by providing an alfresco area for them to enjoy they’ll be less likely to become dissatisfied and leave.

If you work for yourself as a sole trader, it is important to do the same thing; see to your own comfort and health while you are working so you don’t burn out or become ill.